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Creating a Gmail account for google adsense?

1. First log into

2. Click "Create an account" button.

3. Creating account form will be displayed. Fill the form and accept to the terms of services.

4. Verify your account by giving your country name and cell phone number. Then click on "send my verification code to my mobile phone". Then a call or message with the verification code will be coming to you cell phone.

5. Then enter your code in the box and click "verify" button.

6. Congratulations will be displayed that your gmail account had been created. Then click on the "show me my account" button.

7. Gmail buzz will be displayed. If you want to see the buzz so click "Sweet! check out buzz". If you don't want to display the buzz and want to see the buzz later then click on "just go to my in box I will try buzz later".

8. Your in box will be displayed directly and you will see 3 messages from gmail team.


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